About Andy V. Roamer

What’s My Heritage?

Hi. That’s me at about age 3 in the picture above.  Wasn’t quite sure what the world was going to bring me, was I? Glad I didn’t know.  Or maybe I had an inkling it would be a real roller coaster.

I was born in Boston, Mass., and moved to New York City to work in book publishing. I still live in New York and now write full time. My books are about RV, whose life as a teenager I can relate to. My parents came to this country from Eastern Europe and settled in Boston. Mom and Dad worked hard and made a decent life for themselves. We were a religious family.  I believed in The Guy Upstairs, but when I started wondering whether I was gay, I wasn’t sure if The Guy Upstairs believed in me.  And then there was my demanding high school, my friends, my teachers, and my immigrant heritage with its own demands.  It was all quite a handful to deal with, but it all worked out in the end.

The novels in THE PIZZA CHRONICLES are about a teenager who deals with such situations. He’s scared and screws up a lot of the time, but he never gives up. 

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