The Pizza Chronicles

What Book Changed Your Life?

Or made you laugh? Or cry? Or recognize yourself? How about the books in The Pizza Chronicles by Andy V. Roamer? The books in this Young Adult series are about discovering sexuality and living in the U.S. as a son of immigrants from Eastern Europe. The books follow RV through his high school years, as he tries to answer his many questions about LGBTQ life, God, sex, being a teenager, his immigrant heritage, and a zillion other things.

Only problem is, he’s not a regular guy, though he desperately wants to be. He’s more of a word nerd with puny muscles, a squabbling family, and a good brain that spends too much time worrying about everything.

“That’s something else about me. I like words. Real words and made-up ones. There’s something cool about them. Yeah, yeah, I know what people would say. You think words are cool? Kid, you’ve got more problems than you thought.”

–RV, Why Can’t Life Be Like Pizza?